Now Stocking: Dirtbags Climbing


We are now lucky enough to stock Dirtbags Climbing products within the shop.

Dirtbags Climbing are true ambassadors of sustainable production with all their products, allowing previously thought of scraps of material or used ropes to be given a new lease of life in the form of Chalk Bags and Bouldering Buckets.

As a company, it is our aim to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We want to give back and reduce wastage where it can be avoided within our sport as much as possible to allow us to decrease our impact and the consumers as much as possible.

We currently have both their Rope Chalk Bags and their collaborative line of “Rehaused” Chalk Bags made from fabric from Berghaus apparel. The Rope Chalk Bags are made from used rope sheaf which is cut and then sewn together to create the wall of the Chalk Bag. This provides a nice structure for the wall and means it holds its shape well when in use keeping a consistent more rigid opening. This varies from the “Rehaused” line significantly due the difference in material being from products such as Hardshell jackets having much more flex within them in addition to a lighter weight.

Both lines are built with great craftsmanship and attention to detail by their small team in the Lake District to create truly unique products and are now available here at ESC Outdoors.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full review of these products in the coming months.

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