Now Stocking: Metolius Climbing Equipment

We are proud to announce that we now stock Metolius climbing equipment within our range. 

Metolius are an American brand which started in 1983 in Doug Phillips garage, situated in close proximity to the headwaters of the Metolius River from which the brand gets its name. Due to the limited supply of climbing equipment at the time, many climbers made their own equipment which is how Metolius found their way in developing the equipment that just was not available at the time. 

Photo Credit: Mathew Wright

Since their humble beginnings, like many great origin stories started from basements/garages, Metolius have become one of the largest climbing equipment manufacturers in the world and definitely one of the most diverse. From Big Wall Portaledges to Bouldering Pads, Brushes to Chalk, Trad Protection/Sport Draws even covering Training Equipment/Climbing Holds....They just do it all!

Metolius lives by their philosophy of "Safer-by-design" to try and remove as much danger from the potentially dangerous sport we all love. Taking from their large wealth of experience, they are dedicated in making the most strongest, safest and most bombproof equipment possible across their whole range to make sure you can count on your equipment no matter what.

With athletes roster such as Beth Rodden, Peter Croft, Matt Segal, Will Stanhope and Jimmy Webb in the US/Canada (to name a few), and Mathew Wright and Orrin Coley (amongst others) here in the UK, you know they are true to their word. Each of these athletes take their performance to the top of each of their disciplines, which are as diverse as Metolius themselves, and show that the equipment meets the standard for all as a testament to the quality of the brand.

We are incredibly proud to stock Metolius and look forward to getting the majority of their extensive range in stock over the coming months to allow you all to get the most out of your adventures in 2021 and beyond. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media to keep updated on our stock.

We are currently stocking their chalk products, which are listed below, which can be bought as single purchases OR on our subscription service where you save 10% on the cost of the chalk in addition to saving on bulk shipping on quarterly deliveries, which also saves on additional carbon emissions in additional transportation when ordering a bag at a time.

Metolius Super Chalk Crushed/Powder

Metolius Refillable Chalk Ball

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