Now Stocking: Rock Technologies

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking Rock Technologies who make premium chalk and accessories whilst maintaining an affordable price to the consumer.

Based in Greenfield, in the Chew Valley a stones throw away/elaborate dyno from the Peak District crag of Wimberry, Rock Technologies can be found with their small team developing crushed chalk and chalk balls for the masses. Starting in 2001 by Richard Hyde manufacturing and Bill Birch distributing chalk balls. The manufacturing of chalk balls began out of Richards mother's garage following a persuasive discussion with his wife to take out a loan for machinery and raw materials. Whilst learning the process on the job, Richard managed to make 50,000 chalk balls over the course of the first year which Bill sold in full. 

This developed further to 500,000 in 2017 with five members of staff and International distribution following...a great small business reaching across the world! 

The majority of Rock Technologies are sourced from the UK or Europe making them a great bet to help reduce emissions associated with their products due to the reduced transportation involved when compared to some other brands.

Like most of our Chalk brands, Rock Technologies products, including a bulk 10L/3kg tub, are now available under our Chalk Subscription deal where quarterly we will deliver your products automatically saving you 10% off retail price and reduced shipping due to the bulk delivery quarterly. This saves you running out with this automated service and saved you money along the way as win!

Rock Technologies Loose Chalk 300g 

Rock Technologies Loose Chalk 10L (3kg) Tub

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