Now Stocking: Wide Boyz

We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking Wide Boyz Finger Tape to help all of you Crack Climbers out there with extremely durable Tape Gloves, though let us not forget it is also a great option for general support for finger injuries and protection when the rock fights back.

Vigorously tested by the Wide Boyz themselves, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, to allow them to design the ultimate climbing tape. Wide Boyz Finger Tape comes in a 10000cm long x 3.8cm wide roll which gives a large surface area for coverage on Crack Glove applications BUT also allows for it to be split at different widths and used within different desired widths for finger strapping to cover any cuts or help support injured digits.

In addition to the tape itself, Wide Boyz provide you with a guide to making the perfect Crack Gloves/how to best tape up your fingers. This is nicely displayed on a simplistic step by step pull out stored within the tin.

A great product and brand I am very happy to now be able to stock at ESC Outdoors.

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